Company Profile
LUBRA SPA is a stock company, with Italian capital, with many industrial and commercial interests, which operates, on a European level, in the auxiliary industry, auto traction and lubricant industry, chemical and petrochemical products.
Today's LUBRA SPA Headquarter is in Cornaredo, in the outskirts of Milan, where, on an area over 20.000 square meters, are located the commercial and administration offices and a modern chemical complex for the making of a full range of production.

LUBRA SPA is equipped with reactors for the synthesis of intermediate products and special additives and for the preparation of final products; the plant's sophisticated mixing equipment constitutes an ideal and flexible base for a wide range of specialty chemicals production.
In the same Cornaredo complex, are located chemical labs equipped for the analysis of raw materials coming in and for quality control on final products. LUBRA SPA believes the future of an auxiliary chemical industry lies in the in-depth technical knowledge and the capability to formulate new efficient compounds, updated with the constant technical evolution of machines, utensils, work materials, etc.

LUBRA SPA production is divided into "business areas", managed by a technical staff with an extensive field knowledge; such application-oriented staff makes use of chemical preparations of the "research and development" lab unit to create new compounds and update the already existing ones. LUBRA Spa's place in the market is backed up and guaranteed by the presence of a commercial and distribution network, made up of agents and resellers, which covers most of the European territory.




Sede legale e operativa: Via EDISON, 4 – 20010 Cornaredo (MI)
Registro delle Imprese di Milano
REA 1173141
Capitale Sociale € 1.033.000,00
P. IVA 07665060153