LUBRA company is actually the result of two historical Italian firms, on a national character, where all activities, clientele, technical experience and in-depth knowledge of the lubricating sector, chemical and petrochemical products and industrial auxiliaries have met. The main company's branch at the origin of today's LUBRA is the "Giuseppe Tagliabue" founded in 1920 as support to the oil refinery "Lombarda Petroli Spa" of Villasanta. "Giuseppe Tagliabue" has the aim to exploit and improve lubricating oils fractions which derive from gasoline.

"Giuseppe Tagliabue", with the "Ergoline" trademark, has built a valid commercial network, claiming, in a short time, its own trademark among top industries operating on the Italian market for the auto traction oils and lubricating greases.

In 1983, Giuseppe Tagliabue Spa has acquired "Lubra" company, founded in 1935 and especially active in the basic compounds destined to the concrete and rubber industry,
specialty industries, top leader in the nuts and bolts industry of the 60's and 80's. After the acquisition and the decision to use the name LUBRA Spa, the famous Ergoline trademark is now reserved to the auto traction oils and lubricating greases sector.




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